Nocturnal Enuresis Is Normal

Nighttime loss of bladder control is common in children until about age 5, as little bodies continue to mature.

Up to 70% of children will outgrow the problem on their own by the age of 11, and 99% by the age of 15. But that's still too many years of uncomfortable nights, frustration, and embarrassment.

Bedwetting can happen to any child

Why do children wet the bed?

The reason is different for every child. The numbers say that it's a problem for boys more often than for girls. It seems to run in families - if Dad wet the bed, it's more likely his children will, too. In about 1% of cases, there is a medical reason for it.

Bedwetting is not just inconvenient (no one wants to wash sheets and pajamas every day), it is a cause for real frustration and embarrassment. Remember, your child cannot just make it stop by willing it so. He or she doesn't want to wake up in a wet bed. As he gets older, he may begin to feel shame and withdraw from opportunities with his friends - think summer camp. Will she be afraid to have sleepovers with her besties? There should be no blaming and no punishment for something they just can't yet control.

Your child can overcome bedwetting - and we help seniors, too!

You can help!

You don't have to just endure bedwetting, you can be proactive in helping your children overcome it. A check with your pediatrician is the first step. When you've ruled out the medical, your family can get to work with some practical strategies. We have tools that have been clinically proven effective in curing bedwetting.

PottyMD offers two systems, designed by a pediatric urologist, to effectively end the problem. The goal is to help the bedwetter begin to recognize and respond to the body, to get up and go to the bathroom when it's time. Each uses a wetness alarm to alert the sleeper at the first drops so they can take action. Over time (usually a very short time), they learn to wake before wetting the bed.

PottyMD has designed two types of bedwetting/enuresis and incontinence alarms: wearable and remote. Wet-Stop 3+ is a wearable alarm for children; Wet-Detective is a washable sensor pad with sensor cord system.

Wet-Stop 3+

On the market for over 40 years, the Wet-Stop 3 bedwetting alarm is clinically proven - and Mom-approved - to stop bedwetting. A battery-powered alarm is attached at the neckline of the pajama top. It has both vibration and audible alarms for you to select. A cord with a sophisticated sensor tip is attached to the alarm, the cord is run underneath the pajamas, and the sensor tip is securely clipped to the underwear. When the sensor is hit with the first drops of urine, the alarm begins to sound. A two-step mechanism for turning off the alarm awakens the wearer enough to safely head to the bathroom to finish urinating.


The patented Wet-Detective system includes an alarm unit with a cord which attaches to a waterproof, washable sensor pad. When urine hits the pad, the alarm awakens the sleeper. This system is also a great help for those with mobility issues and for caregivers. It is useful not just for beds, but for any surface on which the person may spend time - wheelchairs, recliners. The alarm can alert carers in another room when aid is needed.

Wet-Stop Mattress Pad

Our waterproof, washable Wet-Stop mattress pad is a bedding lifesaver - most families purchase more than one. Use it over sheets, and when necessary, simply slip out the wet pad and replace it with a fresh, dry pad. No more changing sheets in the middle of the night, it has wings on each side to securely tuck under the mattress for a more comfortable night's sleep.

As you are working together to tackle nighttime wetness issues, remember that encouragement always helps! Even if there's an accident tonight, tomorrow night can be dry. For seniors or those suffering temporary periods of incontinence (such as medication-induced issues), our products deliver comfort and improved hygiene. A good night's sleep makes every day better - and we help you get there.

Help is Here!

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