"Let's Get Started" Bedwetting Kit

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Get to dry nights faster and more comfortably with this starter set.

Set includes:

Our best-selling Wet-Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm System
The Complete Bedwetting Book link to download
50% Cotton/50% Polyester blend reusable waterproof mattress overlay pad

                All for one low price!

Wet-Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm System is a vibrating bedwetting alarm and a traditional bedwetting alarm all in one. The Wet-Stop 3+ is loaded with features:

  • 5 variable alarms with alarm and/or vibrating capabilities
  • Flashing LED light alarm button
  • Alligator-grip shirt fastener
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (Energizer or Duracell, non-rechargeable)
  • Replaceable sensor and cord
  • Easy-dry, easy-attach alligator-grip sensor
  • 2-step turn-off process
  • Instructions in six languages, and 1 year warranty against defects
  • Calendar and star sticker motivation and reward system

Position the alarm at the neckline of sleepwear, run the cord under the sleep top, and attach the sensor tip to the underwear at the point where urine will first wet. When moisture is detected, the alarm will sound and/or vibrate to wake the sleeper. A two-step turn-off process ensures that the wearer wakes sufficiently to take necessary action - finish peeing in the toilet and change underwear and/or mattress pad. Within weeks or months, most children will have learned to respond to their body's cues and will either hold urine through the night or wake up to use the bathroom.

For caregivers and those with issues other than bed wetting, too, the alarm alerts to the need to take action, ensuring better hygiene for the user.

The waterproof and washable mattress pad absorbs urine accidents in bed - up to 11 cups of liquid! Attached wings tucked under the mattress hold the pad securely in place. For anyone struggling with bed wetting, period accidents, or incontinence due to medications or age, a washable and waterproof pad is the best choice to manage your environment. Use it in the bed or on any surface that might become soiled.  Lightweight and compact for storage, but generous in size.

Get a better night's sleep by changing the pad, not your bedding!

1-Year warranty for Wet-Stop 3+ Alarm against manufacturing defects


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    Neurogenic bladder under control

    Posted by Claudia on Jul 12th 2016

    Great product for children with Spina Bifida like our son. Thank goodness we found it. Our son has been using this product since he was in 1 st grade and it has kept him dry during the day.