Potty Monkey Watch

Potty Monkey watch pictured on Potty Monkey, in close up, and on a young girl.

Potty Monkey Watch is a countdown alarm for potty training.

Potty Monkey is a wrist timer that Mom and Dad set to alert their toddler to try using the potty at regular intervals, keeping him or her on a healthy training schedule.

Set Potty Monkey potty watch to alarm in 10 to 120 minute intervals. When you start training, a shorter reminder window is appropriate. As your child begins to understand using the potty, you can lengthen the time between alarms.

When the alarm sounds, Potty Monkey's eyes flash green and he says "It's time to go potty. Let's go potty!" with a little tune. It's easy to reset the alarm, but not easy for your child to change your settings. Potty Monkey's ears are the control buttons for functions.

This is a fun and interactive way to help your child remember to use the potty!

Sized just for little children, the soft silicone strap has 10 holes for fitting. This timer is not waterproof and does not give the time of day, it functions only as a countdown timer.

The companion board book, "Monkey Learns To Potty," is a great read for children. Read through the book with your child several times, and practice the steps of using the potty as you reinforce the new skills you are teaching. Potty Monkey plush monkey doll is an interactive system that takes potty training to the next level with a talking monkey, flushing-sounds toilet, and additional tools to teach potty use. You'll find both children's and instructional videos for Potty Monkey Watch and Potty Monkey on YouTube. 

A valuable new tool in your potty training tool chest, Potty Monkey watch is so cute - it really engages attention and encourages your child to run to the potty when it's time to go!