WobL/WobL+ Reminder Watch

Multifunction Alarm Watches for help with potty training and more!

WobL and WobL+ watches have audible and/or vibration alarm settings; waterproof model available.

WobL and WobL+ watches have audible and vibrating alarms, perfect for reminding your busy child when it's time to use the potty. Set the repeating countdown timer to alert at your planned intervals through the day. When starting potty training, you'll want to set a shorter interval of 15 to 30 minutes so they get in plenty of practice. As they learn, lengthen the interval - soon, they'll be telling you when they need to go before the alarm sounds! Use the discrete alarms for individual reminders at predetermined times during the day or night.

Two Watch Models to meet all your needs

The original WobL is terrific for younger kids or those with smaller wrists. The hook-and-loop closure is easy to put on. The original multifunction alarm watch has a slightly louder audible alarm tone, 8 individual alarms, and can be set from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

The second generation WobL+ has a silicone band with metal buckle and multiple holes for a comfortable fit. It is also waterproof, has an additional alarm (9 total), a softer audible alarm, and an extended countdown timer from 1 minute to 24 hours. 

WobL watches are useful for so many needs: 

  • Potty training? The repeating countdown timer will do the reminding for you - when it beeps, we're going to the potty!
  • Set individual alarms (up to 9) to remind you to take medications or check your blood sugar levels throughout the day or night.
  • Set an alarm so you'll be on time for the meeting or that after-work event - or to remind you to take the brownies out of the oven.
  • Use the vibrate setting so others are not disturbed by your alerts, or privacy for school children who need timely reminders.
  • Use the audible or vibration alarm to help visually- and hearing-impaired users wake in the morning or stay on task and on time throughout the day. Original WobL has a slightly louder alarm tone.
  • The vibration alarm helps hearing-impaired users with daily timekeeping, or when you're in a noisy setting and don't want to miss a reminder.
  • When bedwetting is a problem, consistent bathroom use during the day can really help - so set the repeating countdown timer to alert every 2 hours during the day to help train the bladder and establish healthy habits.
  • Stop watch feature - have fun timing your activities and competitions.
  • Waterproof WobL+ is great for your little fishes, and the silicone band is lightweight and comfortable!
  • WobL with hook-and-loop band is easy to size and put on - little fingers don't have to navigate a buckle.
  • All bands are interchangeable between both watch models. (Hook-and-loop bands are not waterproof.)