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How do I turn the alarm off?

Wipe sensor off and press button to stop the alarm OR detach sensor cord and then press button.

Why is my Wet-Stop not going off when wet?

There may be a couple of different reasons.

First, make sure that you have NEW AAA batteries in your unit. Used batteries or batteries that are below 1.5 will not provide enough power for the unit to work. Also, make sure batteries are inserted as the picture shows, not both pointing the same direction.

Second, make sure the location of the sensor is correct. The sensor on the inside of the clip is the part that needs to detect moisture. Make sure the sensor is attached in a location that will detect moisture. DO NOT USE PULL-UPS. Pull-ups absorb fluid too fast for the sensor to detect moisture. IF you prefer to use a pull up, put underwear and sensor on underneath the pull-ups. 

Third, make sure to clean sensor after each accident with hot water and soap. Build-up can prevent sensor from detecting moisture.

Wet-Stop 3+ sensor cord - close-up of wetness sensor tip  Illustration of proper placement of the Wet-Stop 3+ enuresis alarm (for bedwetting); attach the alarm unit at the neckline, run the cord underneath the pajama top and bottom, and attach on the outside of the underwear, if a boy, inside the fly of underwear, at the point where urine will first appear - not touching the skin.


Why does my alarm keep going off when the sensor is not wet?

When the alarm unit is exposed to moisture it will malfunction. The unit is not waterproof. Be sure to keep the unit away from any moisture including sweat, drool and urine. There is a one-year warranty on all Wet-Stop 3+ alarms. If you are still experiencing problems with your alarm system, please send your purchase receipt along with a brief description of the malfunction to support@pottymd.com.




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WobL | WobL+ Watch

Why does the alarm keep going off?

When the watch alarm is going off continuously it means the battery is close to dying. Vibrating watches use more energy than regular watches. The battery you need is a size 2032. These can be found on our site or in a local store that sells batteries.

Why are the buttons on my watch no longer working?

The battery is close to dying. Vibrating watches use more energy than regular watches. The battery you need is a size 2032. These can be found on our site or in a local store that sells batteries.


Image shows steps to change WobL watch battery; remove the watch face from the wrist band; remove four screws to release the back panel; remove and replace the battery; reattach the back panel; reattach the watch face to the wrist band.


          WOBL WATCH INSTRUCTIONS                           WOBL + WATCH INSTRUCTIONS


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