Wet-Detective Max II Kit with 2 Sensor Pads

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Max II Incontinence and Bedwetting Bed Pad Alarm System - perfect for adults, children, and those with special needs

The Wet-Detective Max II Bedwetting Kit includes the alarm unit, sensor cable, and two sensor pads.

  • Includes two (2) Wet-Detective™ Sensor Pads
  • Alarm unit and sensor cord
  • 4 Alarm Settings
  • Flashing LED Respond Button
  • Uses 2 AA Batteries
  • One Year Manufacturer’s warranty (alarm only)
  • Designed by a Pediatric Urologist
  • From the makers of Wet-Stop®

Wet-Detective™ Sensor Pad dimensions are 34" x 34" (86.36cm x 86.36cm) and are made with poly/cotton quilted absorbent material with a waterproof backing. Machine washable and waterproof. Special sensing wires are stitched into the pad to maximize urine detection. The pads are easy to position directly underneath the person and on top of a bed or chair.

Simply place the pad on top of the surface where the person will sit or lie. snap the sensor cord to the pad, and plug the cord into the alarm unit. When urine or moisture is detected, the alarm will sound and a light will flash, alerting carers to the situation for a faster response and better health outcomes. Having a second pad makes cleanup a snap! Simply replace the soiled pad with a clean one and toss the soiled pad into the wash.

The pad system can be used for those who are suffering from incontinence for a multitude of reasons (physiological, medication-related, temporary, permanent), those who cannot toilet themselves, or even to help children overcome bedwetting. Learning to respond to the alarm will help train the child's brain-and-bladder connection so they learn to either get up to use the bathroom or hold their urine through the night.

1-Year warranty on Wet-Detective Alarm Unit against manufacturing defects


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    the caregivers and I were able to go into a deep sleep and still be called by the terrific alarm when there was a need

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 30th 2016

    The Wet Detective system vastly improved our lives. Instead of getting up every two hours to check on an incontinent patient, the caregivers and I were able to go into a deep sleep and still be called by the terrific alarm when there was a need. The alarm is very loud or soft depending on how you set it, and you can beef it up with a baby monitor, though we didn't need to. The pads are very sensitive, so you can adapt them to avoid sweat alarms by using a towel or sheets (folded to double, quadruple, whatever works), but you won't get liquid without setting off the alarm. We needed three or four pads since there was urine sometimes several times a night. The Wet Detective truly improved our lives, our sleep, and our health. I'm thinking of additional uses, such as warning when it's starting to rain or when someone is too hot and sweating....