Wet-Detective Bed Pad Alarm System

Incontinence: A Common Problem

Millions of Americans suffer from incontinence.

For some, it's a temporary situation brought on by transient health issues, medication, or other causes that will soon pass. For others, it's a continuing problem with no permanent solution. In every case, good hygiene is important to maintaining a healthy environment.

You need a Wet-Detective™!

Wet-Detective sensor pad and alarm for incontinence and bedwetting management and care. Place pad on bed, wheelchair, or wherever person will sit or lie. Place alarm where it will be seen or heard.

Wet-Detective Wetness Alert System

The Wet-Detective alarm and patented sensor pad system was created for incontinence management and care.

The pad:

  • senses urine and moisture
  • is totally waterproof
  • is safely washable
  • is placed directly beneath the person with a bedwetting problem

When moisture is detected, the connected alarm unit responds with a flashing light and soft beeping. The sleeper is awakened to take action, or caregivers are alerted to offer help. It's easy to unplug the sensor cord and replace the soiled pad with a dry one. Additional pads and cords are available; they work only with the Wet-Detective™ alarm unit.

Wet-Detective helps manage hygiene in those with mobility, health- or medication-related, or age-related incontinence, or bedwetting.

The Wet-Detective™ is a vital help for those with age-related incontinence, mobility, or developmental issues. The battery-powered alarm unit makes the system portable, so it can be used in wheel chairs or travel beds, and anywhere a person may sit or lie. Use of the alarm system leads to improved sanitary conditions for those suffering from incontinence, preventing disease and other health-related problems that can be caused by lying or sitting in wet clothing for extended periods of time.

Bedwetting Solution

Wet-Detective bed pad alarm system is helpful for bedwetting.

Families use the Wet-Detective for children experiencing bedwetting. The soft alert awakens the child and/or parent to change to clean clothing and a clean pad as soon as possible. The alert teaches the child to understand the brain's cues when it is time to go to the bathroom during sleep.

Shop for a Wet-Detective™ kit below. The basic kits come with one or two pads, and you can add more as needed. For those who suffer from continual incontinence, it is convenient to have more than one system; an alarm and pad can be positioned in each of their favorite sitting and sleeping locations.

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