All colors of WobL watch band, both silicone (waterproof) and hook-and-loop close.



Accidents happen, it's time to potty train another child and your alarm still functions, someone decides they want green instead of blue .. we've got you covered.

All WobL watch bands are interchangeable between styles and colors. Band are attached with spring rods, and replacement bands come with replacement rods as well. So should a band break or you simply want another color, no problem. Keep in mind that the woven poly with hook-and-loop closure band is not designed for water wear. The silicone band has plenty of holes, so it can be sized to a smaller wrist and trimmed down if needed.

While the replacement batteries for WobL watches are a common size and readily available, we also sell them here as a convenience for our customers. Depending on the settings you use on your watch, you may need to replace the battery as often as every 2 to 3 months. The alarm functions take a lot of juice! A few signs that you need a new battery: your watch starts and won't stop vibrating, can't be reset, or the screen goes black.

When using a Wet-Stop 3+ bedwetting alarm for more than one child, many families choose to purchase a new sensor cord for each child. It's important to unplug the cord gently from the alarm unit without putting undue tension on the wires, and fully release the sensor clip from underwear and rinse it gently. Also, make sure no moisture penetrates the alarm unit.

If you're using the patented Wet-Detective system with two bed pads for bedwetting or incontinence, it might be easier to purchase a second cord for your second pad. It's easier to replace both, simply plugging the new cord into the alarm unit, in the middle of the night. The alarm unit works exclusively with our cord and bed pad.

Our products carry warranties, and in the event of a manufacturing defect, we stand behind them.