Wet-Stop Deluxe Bedwetting Kit

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The deluxe bedwetting kit to cure the problem.

The Wet-Stop Deluxe Bedwetting Kit has everything needed to help your child overcome bedwetting!

1. The Wet-Stop 3+ alarm has been curing bedwetting for over 40 years!

Wet-Stop 3+ is a wearable bedwetting alarm that teaches your child’s brain to tune in to his/her body’s needs, recognize a full bladder, and awaken to go to the bathroom rather than wetting the bed. Variable alarm tones plus a strong vibration alert work with your child’s sleep style for successful training. Easy to attach, the alarm alerts at the first drops of urine, leading to a faster response and more restful nights.

  • 6 Variable alarm sounds (so your child doesn't learn to tune it out)
  • Set to an audible alarm, vibration alarm, or both
  • Flashing LED button to confirm functioning
  • Alarm with strong clip-on shirt fastener for secure, damage-free attachment
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries, keeping it light-weight and non-irritating
  • Replaceable, easy-dry, easy-attach sensor
  • 2-step shut off process - press button on alarm unit and dry the sensor
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

The Wet-Stop 3+ comes with a free progress chart and star stickers to celebrate and encourage success. “The Complete Bedwetting Book” is a free digital download. Written by Dr. D. Preston Smith, it is a comprehensive guide for parents to help them understand and manage this stage some children experience.

To use the Wet-Stop3+:

  • Insert 2 AAA batteries; the LED light on the side of the unit will flash briefly when the batteries are correctly installed, and the unit is working. (No on/off switch!)
  • Clip alarm unit to pajama top or shirt neckline.
  • Run sensor cord under the pajama top.
  • Attach the sensor clip to the front of the underwear where moisture is likely to first occur and give it a little tug. This will assure that it is secure to the front of the underwear. For boys, it is best to position the sensor inside the front pocket of the underwear. Be sure that the sensor does not touch the skin, as it is sensitive to sweat.
  • Be sure there is a clear, well-lit path to the bathroom - we suggest placing nightlights to light the way.
  • We strongly recommend that you demonstrate the alarm before your child falls asleep:  press and hold the button on the side to activate the alarm and have the child practice turning off the alarm by pushing the button and pretending to dry the sensor tip, then going to the bathroom.

Don’t forget to put those stickers on the progress chart and celebrate every dry night! Your child will experience greater self-confidence as he or she learns to get up to use the bathroom or remains dry through the night.

2. Stop the hassle of midnight bedding changes!

Our 50% cotton and 50% polyester overlay mattress pads keep your bedding dry.  The Wet-Stop Mattress Pad is of the highest quality, super absorbent, reusable, and suitable for all ages and for pets too!

Simply lay pad on top of your bedding and tuck the 18″ wings under the mattress to secure the pad. When accidents happen, replace with a dry pad and deal with your laundry in the morning. This 34″ by 36″ highly absorbent pad wicks moisture away from the skin, protecting from irritation. This is a great quality mattress pad/overlay for young bedwetters, adults who experience a small to moderate amount of incontinence or just to protect your mattress. The waterproof barrier protects your sheets and mattress from soiling and has a large capacity of absorbency. This durable product stands up well to multiple washing and drying.

Features of the Wet-Stop Mattress Pad + Wings:

  • 34″ X 72″ includes 18″ (non-waterproof) wings
  • Wings secure pad in place during sleep
  • Wings are not waterproof
  • Highest quality
  • Super absorbant
  • Waterproof, reusable pad
  • Rests on top of mattress
  • Machine washable
  • Great for all ages & pets too!
  • Buy more than one for a good night’s sleep

3. WobL+ Watch – the smallest vibrating alarm & countdown timer reminder watch in the world – and it’s waterproof.

Good daytime bathroom habits are proven to help prevent or stop nighttime bedwetting.

The Wobl+ Watch is the smallest vibrating waterproof alarm reminder watch in the world! The WobL+ is the perfect choice for regular bathroom break prompts during the day; it's ideal for timed medications, important task reminders, and more. It is also great to assist those with visual or hearing impairment, ADHD and ADD, and diabetes. WobL+ is a popular choice for helping children, women, and those with small wrists to stay on task! (And the band is easily replaced with a longer one if you have a larger wrist.)

WobL+ bands are made of silicone for comfort and fit wrist sizes 4.50 inches to 8 inches. (The bands are also interchangeable with the original WobL hook-and-loop-close bands.)  WobL+ also allows for easy battery access to make changing it a breeze.

  • EASY TO SET design
  • INDIVIDUAL ALARMS:  9 individual alarms
  • LOCKOUT feature secures set alarms
  • 6-MONTH WARRANTY from date of purchase
  • World’s Smallest Vibrating Watch – discrete vibration for reminders

The three components of the Deluxe Bedwetting Kit - Wet-Stop alarm, WobL+ alarm watch, and Wet-Stop waterproof mattress pad - work together to effectively cure bedwetting in days or weeks!

1-Year warranty for Wet-Stop 3+ Alarm against manufacturing defects