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PottyMD was created by a board certified pediatric urologist whose focus is on developing products to help families with a range of challenges we all face. From potty training to bedwetting, our products and resources help guide parents and provide solutions for children.

But that's not all. Our product line has grown from the Potty Monkey and wearable Wet-Stop alarms to waterproof bedding, reminder watches, and adult incontinence bedding and bedside monitors.  

We believe that family comes first. We understand the importance of finding the right product for your child or concern. Based on his/her age and challenge, each child may respond differently. PottyMD believes that there are several approaches to correcting bedwetting, toilet training and potty habits. There are also tools to help manage incontinence. No single treatment or course of action is best for every situation. To better help you select the products best suited for your needs, use the quick links below.

PottyMD products help with potty training, bedwetting, and incontinence management.


  • Potty training reminders throughout the day at school, camp, child care, or on the go: PottyMD recommends the WobL Watch or the waterproof WobL+ Watch; younger children also enjoy the Potty Monkey Watch.
  • Daily routine reminders, ADD/ADHD, hearing impaired and special needs: PottyMD recommends the WobL Watch or the waterproof WobL+ Watch.
  • Bedwetting for young children (five and older, unless recommended by your physician): PottyMD recommends wearable alarm, Wet-Stop 3+
  • Waterproof bedding for protection from accidents, bacteria, dust mites and spills: Potty MD recommends Wet-Stop bedding.
  • Guidance and support for parents: Potty MD recommends PottyMD's line of educational books

Our support staff is available to assist Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm (ET) at (865) 584-6700, by email to, or through social messaging on Facebook or Instagram.



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