WobL + | Waterproof Reminder Watch

Wobl+ Watch is the smallest vibrating waterproof alarm reminder watch in the world! Countdown timer can be set for every 1 to 120 minutes!

(Hint: it's great for grownups, too!)

WobL+ Waterproof vibrating alarm watch in black, green, pink, and blue 

Compare features of the WobL+ and original WobL watches - WobL+ is waterproof and has 9 programmable alarms; original WobL is not waterproof and has 8 programmable alarms. Both watches have vibration and/or audible alarm settings, how-to-set videos on YouTube, easy to set, replaceable band, 6 month warranty, alarm lockout; WobL+ has a silicone wrist band; WobL has a woven nylon and hook-and-loop close wrist band.