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Developed by PottyMD to be better than any other potty training system, cute and cuddly Potty Monkey has a timer and says "I need to go potty, let's go potty!" every 30 or 90 minutes, depending on your stage of toilet training or potty habits. When he is placed on his interactive toilet, Potty Monkey talks and sings to encourage good potty habits. The toilet makes a flushing sound at the touch of a button. Includes a charming, sturdy story book about Potty Monkey and his new underwear and potty chair that your child will want to read again and again.

The Potty Monkey System includes:

Designed by PottyMD, this is the ultimate toy for any child learning to potty train or dealing with various potty issues. Your child teaches the monkey to potty while the monkey helps to potty train your child.

Approaching potty training as a team with your child and using this fun and engaging system will help you achieve successful results for your family! You can make the most of your Potty Monkey by following our recommended steps:

  1. Read "Monkey Learns To Potty" several times with your child, and explain to them the process of using the potty - pulling down diaper, sitting, peeing and pooping, wiping (which you'll help with!), pulling up diaper, washing hands - demonstrating with Potty Monkey and his toilet.
  2. Watch Potty Monkey's YouTube video with your child, and ask a few questions to determine their level of comprehension and interest. Getting them interested in using a potty is really helpful!
  3. When you feel your child has an understanding of the concepts you're teaching, have them throw away Potty Monkey's diaper and put on his star underwear. Let your child pick out their own underwear, too.
  4. Remove the control box from Potty Monkey and set it to I, for reminders every 30 minutes.  When Potty Monkey says he needs to go to the potty, have your child place him on his potty and then sit on their own potty.
  5. Make it fun! Encourage and applaud your child's potty efforts in learning to do something new, and repeat Potty Monkey's messages on the potty.
  6. Download (below) the reward chart for Potty Monkey and use stickers to mark progress. (The printed chart is included, along with stickers, with Potty Monkey Watch.)
  7. Download (below), print, and personalize your child's own Certificate of Potty Training Completion, and post it for all in the house to see and celebrate!

Use setting II, 90 minute reminders, for a few days or weeks to make sure good potty habits are well established. Kids get busy, and even potty trained kids get distracted and forget to use the toilet .. leading to accidents. Ongoing reminders can be very helpful and reduce Mom's and Dad's stress.

The Potty Monkey potty training system is recommended by The Jolly Mom. Check out this YouTube video review from Life in a House of Blue.

Use a colorful Reward Chart like Potty Monkey's and stickers to mark progress towards successful training.

Award your child with the Certificate of Completion when he or she has successful transitioned into big-kid underwear.


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    Superb product!

    Posted by Doug on Jun 30th 2016

    My three year old daughter wanted nothing to do with the potty until we got the Potty Monkey. The very first day with the monkey she actually used the potty! Very happy with the product.