Potty Monkey Watch - Potty Training Reminder

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"It's time to go potty. Let's go potty!"

Potty Monkey Potty Watch is a countdown reminder that can be set to alarm in 10-120 minute intervals. When the alarm sounds Potty Monkey tells them to go potty and a tune plays. This device is a countdown timer and does not keep time. This is a fun and interactive way to help your child remember to use the potty! Smaller than other potty watches - AND - it doesn't look like a toilet seat!


  • Countdown timer (set for 10-120 mins)
  • Light up LED eyes that flash 
  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • Rewards chart & sticker set included!

    *This is a countdown timer watch. This device does not keep time. 

Steps for Success:

  1. Decide when you would like them to go. ie. every 45 minutes
  2. Set Potty Monkey watch countdown timer to alarm every 45 minutes.
  3. Let your little one know when Potty Monkey lights up… it’s time to go potty!
  4. Watch Potty Monkey Videos on YouTube for a fun and interactive way to get them involved.


1 Review

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    Posted by Ashley on Sep 11th 2018

    My daughter refused to go to the potty. When we found this on youtube we decided to try it. She wakes up in the morning and asks for monkey (meaning monkey watch) and actually gets excited to go. Complete change in her. THANK YOU!

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