Why Choose Wet-Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm?

Mar 27th 2020

Why Choose Wet-Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm?

There are many choices of bedwetting alarms on the market today, costing from just a few dollars to $200 or even more. How can you know you are choosing the best alarm for your child?

We encourage you to do your homework and be sure you know what you are getting. Always carefully read manufacturers' claims. Today, customer reviews are plentiful and easy to find, and it's also fairly easy to research products and manufacturers. Unfortunately, there are many knockoffs and poor-quality products on the market. Many alarms are also high-priced, unaffordable or uneconomical for the average family.

Why Wet-Stop 3+?

The Wet-Stop 3+ bedwetting/enuresis alarm has been on the market for over 40 years, since 1979. With each new edition have come design improvements. Years of testing, thousands of customer experiences, countless hours and thoughtful efforts have been invested in creating the best quality and function. Designed by a board-certified, fellowship-trained pediatric urologist, Wet-Stop 3+ is recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Perhaps best of all, Wet-Stop 3+ is affordable. As the market is dynamic, prices will change; however, Wet-Stop 3+ continually competes to be the most economical, best quality, and best value bedwetting alarm everywhere it is offered by PottyMD. PottyMD is proud to work with many physicians and healthcare providers to offer family assistance to those in need.

Results speak volumes.

Over 500,000 Wet-Stop 3+ alarms have been sold worldwide.

More importantly, Wet-Stop 3+ is clinically proven to cure bedwetting, often in as little as two to four weeks. The wearable alarm is easy to use and comes with everything you need to achieve nighttime dryness. The alarm unit features variable alarm sounds and/or a vibration alert. It is designed to fully engage the child in the process of waking, turning off the alarm, using the bathroom, and returning to sleep. The unit comes with a sensor cord that detects the first drops of moisture, and a daily chart and stickers to recognize progress. A digital download of “The Complete Bedwetting Book,” written by Dr. D. Preston Smith, offers detailed information to parents as they work together with their child to achieve dry nights.

Don't just take our word for it. Recently we learned about a family whose children struggled with bedwetting. One tool in the Funk's toolkit to overcome the problem was a Wet-Stop 3+ alarm. They have given us permission to share this link to their blog post. We know you'll find it helpful to read about their experience.

Simply put, Wet-Stop 3+ is the best-selling, most effective enuresis alarm system on the market. Available for purchase online now on our website and at Amazon.com and Walmart.com.

Wet-Stop 3+ is also available through Amazon in France, Australia, Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Spain. Contact support@pottymd.com for more information on international availability.

If you've already purchased a Wet-Stop alarm, we encourage you to visit our YouTube channel, PottyMD, and view our videos about the Wet-Stop to help you make the most of your alarm.