Time to Potty Train?

Posted by Mollie the Mom on Apr 17th 2018

Time to Potty Train?

Title illustration with a baby and a puzzled mom - is it time to potty train?

As a parent, we all face the daunting task of potty training...

How do I know when they are ready?

Who do I turn to for advice?

Do I really need a trainer seat?

How do I know which method will work for my child?

The good news? We ALL face these challenges. Every child is different so even if you have potty trained dozens of kids there is no one-size-fits-all technique. That being said, there are still some general things to consider before starting:

1. What is the main reason you are starting now? 

If you feel pressured by others to potty train your child then reconsider your timing. If your child is telling you they are ready...then take action!

2. What age should I start potty training?

There is no set age that is the golden time. Pay attention to your child and start when you are both comfortable and confident.

3. How do I know my child is ready?

This is the question that lingers over every parent's head. Even though it is different for every child, there are some key things that can help with deciding. Authored by a  board-certified, fellowship-trained pediatric urologist, The Potty Trainer book gives some key indicators to help determine if your child is physically ready:

  • The child should be able to help with the task of taking off his or her pants or undergarments.

  • Your child should be able to assist with taking off the diaper or pull-up when the urge to go hits him or her.

  • Depending on the type of potty used, children should be able to get onto the potty in a comfortable position. If a small portable floor potty is used, then young children will be more able to straddle and keep their feet on or near the floor. Using a traditional commode will probably require significant assistance from a parent. Toilet inserts and stepping stools are very helpful when attempting to begin potty training on a regular commode.

Children who are able to physically assist with removing their clothes and position themselves on the potty are probably exhibiting the basic physical requirements that are often needed to begin potty training.

"Potty training your child should not be a big deal. It

should be something you approach with excitement and

optimism." -The Potty Trainer

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