May 27th 2016

Time for a Reminder?

The WobL is so much more than just a watch! Sure, it tells time, but WobL has much more to offer. WobL can act as a timer, a reminder, a countdown tool, and more. The WobL is the world's smallest vibrating watch and is water resistant to 3ATM. 

The WobL has a sporty design and an adjustable velcro band. It is perfect for children who need a reminder to visit the restroom. The watch's gentle vibrating reminder works well at school, alerting the child while promoting a good routine and healthy habits.

With it's small size, the WobL vibrating reminder watch is perfect for the smaller wrist of women, children and elderly. 
Whether it's for a lady who likes to time herself while she exercises, or as a tool to help a forgetful parent remember to take their medicine, the WobL is the perfect choice. This vibrating reminder watch is also great for the mom who needs a timer for cooking, child tantrum timeouts and any other reminder she might need.

The WobL vibrating reminder watch comes in four colors: blue, pink, purple and black. The WobL also features a discreet alarm that vibrates ten times for 15 seconds, and eight different alarms can be set.

The WobL vibrating reminder watch with it's smaller design is great for telling time, there are many other uses for this watch:

  • Exercises: Women, young adults and kids can comfortably wear the WobL while jogging or walking
  • Cooks & Chefs: The Wobl has a timer function which is perfect for cooking
  • Parents: Countdown for child's timeouts
  • Seniors: WobL's vibrate mode is a gentle reminder to take medicine
  • Special needs: Use the vibrating reminder watch to help those with special needs
  • Homework: The WobL's stop-watch is a great tool for helping your child with homework
  • Potty Training: WobL's alarms can be set at intervals to help remind children when to visit the bathroom
  • Daily Routines: Set an alarm to remind you of daily tasks