Potty Training can be one of the toughest parental challenges.

PottyMD is dedicated to helping with the successful transition from diapers to potty trained and beyond.

Designed and developed by a board-certified pediatric urologist, our tools are effective and deliver Mom-approved results!


Potty Training is a natural part of growing up

Every child is unique, and each matures at his or her own pace. No comparisons allowed, especially when it comes to potty training! As the parent, you know your children best. You know how they learn new things, and you'll figure out the best potty training method for each child.

Toddlers are hard at work, learning about the world around them. Learning to use the toilet is simply a new skill you're teaching. As with anything new, you'll want to introduce the concept (recognizing when you need to pee and poop), teach the tactics that are needed (pulling down pants, sitting on a toilet, wiping, pulling clothes back on), and explain outcomes - you get to wear grown-up underwear and no more wet or poopie nappies! Yay!

Understanding that learning to use the toilet is a basic life skill, some children will, nevertheless, respond better with a little motivation in the form of a reward system. Treats, stickers, a reward chart, more reading time - if they work for your child, go for it. 


Potty Training Help

Here at PottyMD, we offer several tools to help make potty training more successful.

Potty Monkey is a timer-based talking monkey. Set the timer to 30 or 90 minutes, and he says "It's time to go potty. Let's go potty!" on cue. Plush and soft, kids love hugging and carrying him with them. He interacts with his own potty (included) with additional messages and songs, and teaches about peeing, pooping, and using the potty. Your child even gets to throw away his diaper and put him in his star underwear! He comes with a diaper, star underwear, and a free copy of "Monkey Learns To Potty!", our children's board book that teaches using the potty. Also included is The Potty Trainer, a complete overview of training for parents.

Potty Monkey Watch is the next tool. A countdown timer you program from 10 to 120 minutes, his eyes flash green and he says "It's time to go potty. C'mon, let's go potty!" when time's up. He's the cutest potty reminder alarm watch around, and kids love to hear him speak! It comes with a free copy of "Monkey Learns To Potty!", our children's board book that teaches using the potty.

We offer two advanced alarm watches, the original WobL and the WobL+. The world's smallest vibrating alarm watches, both offer multiple functions including both vibration and audible alarms, programmable alarm times, and a repeating countdown timer. They even have a stop watch function, and all eight bands are interchangeable. Compare the two models:


Learn more about our products and choose the most effective tools to help your child achieve the goal of complete potty training. Our staff is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern time, or by e-mail or social messaging. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our products or about potty training in general.

With your help and encouragement, they will learn to use the potty!