Potty Training Book Set

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Pair of potty training books offer helpful and educational reading for parents and children.


The Potty Trainer is an 80-page, comprehensive guide to potty training for parents, written by a board-certified pediatric urologist. You'll explore the issues and have help choosing the training plan best suited to your child and family.


Monkey Learns To Potty board book is a fun and colorful children's book about potty training. The children's book is newly updated by the Potty Monkey Team, with an extended story and new illustrations. It tells the story of Potty Monkey learning to use the potty and throwing away his diapers forever.


These potty training books are full of fun and results. Parents get all the advice they need to tackle potty training, even in the most difficult situations. Your child will love the pictures and story of Potty Monkey - there's even a page to add your child's photo when they've mastered using the toilet!